Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Enapy Bluetooth Portable Speakers blend with the aesthetics of your home and also technically engineered to produce best possible hi-fi quality sound for your enjoyment of music. Using a Bluetooth connection to connect between the speaker and smartphones, you can play music from a distance without touching the speaker. All the available speakers are carefully selected and are capable of producing a great sound with Hi-Fi quality. 

We also have high-end, modern wood speakers with Touch Surface and surround sound. Inspired by the aesthetics of older gramophones, this Bluetooth speaker showcases a modern minimalist look for your favorite interior spaces. You can enjoy stereo surround sound from any room without sacrificing the modern style. The exterior is made with a wood texture case with water transfer printing technique to give it that real wood look. The rest of the speaker is made with aluminum alloy including the speaker grill, stand, and base.The back of the speaker is made with a touch screen feature. While there is no glass, the wood has flat buttons which you press or swipe to do the necessary functions. Using this feature,  you can control turning the speaker on and off, volume control, and also BFC pairing function. 


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