How many Apple iPad air 2 cables do you own? The average tablet user has two or three cords to ensure that they have one at home, the office and even in the car and can charge the device whenever they need to. If you have a case for the tablet, you can also store a cable in there as well. Along with cords, every tablet should have a screen protector and case to protect it from scratches, falls and other forms of impact that can cause damage or ineffective use.

There are also cases that will not only store the Apple iPad air 2 cables but also include a keyboard so that you can type and use your tablet like a laptop. This is a popular feature and can also provide protection to the device. If you own multiple Apple devices you can find plenty of accessories to protect and even enhance them when you shop with Enapy. Our innovative and unique accessories are all tested and proven to last for years, especially if they are properly used and maintained.

Along with Apple products you can find a wide variety of office and home accessories, either for personal use, or to make a great gift for a friend, family member or coworker. If you would like to learn more about these options or are curious about upcoming promotions we are having, you can contact us or follow us on social media to stay updated and see new products as they become available in our store.


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