Fidget Spinners

ENAPY Fidget spinners and Fidget toys are carefully selected and maintain our very high-quality standards. Our fidget spinners and toys can help people who have trouble focusing or those who fight nervousness, anxiety, or stress. It may also provide help in calming down people who have anxiety and other neurological disorders like ADHD and autism.

We have 3 Gear, 6 Gear, & 9 Gear Fidget Spinners with very innovative designs in metal. We also have elegant plastic fidgets in different colors and in a variety of novelty shapes. Recently we have also added Fidgets spinners inspired by the "King Of Glory" game. It features various miniature weapons. We also have a "King of Glory" Miniature weapons set. The set has multiple character weapons that closely replicate their larger counterparts, with intricate detail. These miniature weapons are made of cast metal and wood. These artistic pieces of miniature weapons make great gifts.These items can also be used to decorate your Key chains or can be used as Pendants.

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