Flexible Pivot Power Strips

A flexible power strip is something that needs to be in every office and home. These Pivot Power accessories go with any type of furniture and can fit into tight spaces while also making them easy to get to. The problem with the original styles is that you are having to put them in tough to reach places. Then when you have to plug something in or do something else, you are stuck with trying to reach it and adjust it. Why do we put up with this? Because those were the options we saw in the store when we were looking for one. 

That time has passed and now you can shop online with ease and get a Quirky flexible power strip that will fit anywhere, blend in and be easier to reach. Along with that, you can find a great selection of other quirky products for your home or office including lamps, speakers, calendars and clocks, accessories for your phone or tablet and more. All of these innovative products are available on our online store. 

At Enapy, we believe in providing our customers with the largest online selection of innovative and unique products including a quirky pivot power strip, umbrellas that light up, creative speakers and lamps and much more. If you would like to browse these products and learn more about new options that come available or sales we are having, make sure that you follow us on Facebook as well. Contact us for further assistance with ordering and shipping. 

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