Inverted Umbrellas

The new Reverse, Inside-out umbrella is a unique solution to all the inconveniences experienced using traditional umbrellas. The Inside-Out or Better Brella umbrella design solves 2 issues experienced with the regular umbrellas. With the inside out design, the water stays inside the cone of the reversible umbrella after the umbrella is closed. The inside layer is made of fabric with hydrophobic or water-resistant coating allowing water to roll off instead of absorbing it. With this new design, closing and storing your umbrella becomes very convenient. It also solves the problem of entering and exiting a car. As the umbrella has a unique closing mechanism, you can easily stay dry. This modern umbrella can also stand up without any support, when necessary. The height of the umbrella is approximately 33.8" (86 cm) and the diameter is 47.2" (120 cm).

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